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Expert Advice & Hands On Help For Launching A Successful WordPress Membership Site

Level 1 – Problem Solve & Plan

Level 2 – Setup & Pre Launch

Level 3 – Launch Support

Level 4 – Post Launch

Our Launch Package is designed for smart entrepreneurs who want our “hands-on” help to quickly solve the pain points of launching a WordPress membership site.

Level 1 – Problem Solve & Plan

You provide us with the simple details we need to better understand your immediate pain points, if any, as well as the goals you have for your membership site business. In so doing, you prepare us for a personal consultation via phone or video conference where we clarify any missing details.

After our consultation call, we respond with a written and visual summary of the steps we will immediately take to fix your existing problems, if any, and configure your membership site for future success with the best stack of tools and technology for your needs.

Level 2 – Setup & Pre Launch

After obtaining your approval and any login credentials, we apply our expertise and proven processes to fix your membership site problems and implement the tools and technology stack you need going forward.

Rest easy knowing that we have proven security and backup protocols in place to ensure that your business data is protected and available at all times.

Level 3 – Launch Support

The most rewarding part of our Launch Package is when you launch (or relaunch) your membership site after we solve your problems and upgrade your tools and technology! This is where you realize the main purpose for which you started your online business…selling profitable products and services to real customers.

Whether you use your own hosting environment or our Google Cloud hosting service, we remain available to answer questions for a full month to ensure a foolproof launch of your membership website.

Level 4 – Post Launch

Most of our clients come to realize just how much they benefit from our 40+ years of expertise across WordPress, Business and Marketing Automation.

As a result, you are invited to explore additional services you may purchase beyond your launch that help you to maximize profitability and minimize wasted time while operating your WordPress membership site.


Does This Sound Like You?…

You fondly remember the world prior to the Internet, where business was built upon relationships and trust.

But you just don’t have the experience and technical skill to translate your new business ideas into the online world.

So you want a trusted expert, like you remember, to solve your pain points and help you launch your online membership site business.

Who We Are

I’m Spencer Forman, and I’ve been building successful businesses since the days of rotary dial phones with a pad of paper and pen.

But for the last decade, I’ve been a leading expert in WordPress & Marketing Automation for sites such as 1stwebdesigner and LabSecrets. My unique skills and perspective provide a distinct advantage.

In helping thousands of online businesses such as LearnToBeABookkeeper and YogaHolics create profitable membership sites, my team and I have simplified the process.

I’m Luke Stacey and I run all of our customer operations and support.

With my background in Education and expertise in providing creative WordPress and Marketing Automation solutions for our clients, you are always in “good hands.”

From the start of your project all the way through growing your new idea into a profitable business, I look forward to working with you!

What We Do

Today’s Membership Economy requires that every customer be seen as a member of your tribe. You cannot be wasting your marketing efforts on “one night stands”.

We build and deploy membership systems that create a journey of trust, engagement and loyalty for each visitor to your website, thereby improving conversions and lifetime value.

Your profitable membership site requires a set of Key Features for attracting and keeping paying subscribers. These include:

  • Membership Management
  • Learning Management
  • CRM & Marketing Automation
  • E-Commerce
  • Gamification
  • Social Networking

Membership Management

Unlike ordinary websites, our membership solutions implement the power of Faceted Search, detailed user meta-data, and custom profile fields. This makes it easy to locate any individual and drill-down into their details.

When connected with the power of Marketing Automation, you can track and respond to all member behavior on your site and use this data to create a personal journey for everyone that increases trust, engagement and loyalty.

Learning Management

We use the latest LMS systems that make it easier for you to organize and distribute your coursework, community content, training and more.

By connecting with the optimal CRM for your business type, we are able to ensure that you convert more prospects into paying students who achieve measurable success with your content.

CRM & Marketing Automation

In today’s Membership Economy, you need to provide a personalized journey for every prospective subscriber to your community.

We achieve this goal on your behalf by connecting your WordPress membership site to the optimal CRM for your business type.

In so doing, you convert a greater percentage of prospects into paying subscribers with greater satisfaction and retention.


The heart of all our membership site solutions is WooCommerce and the powerful extensions that connect it to your Membership, Subscriptions and CRM.

We make it easy for you to have 100% ownership and control over your membership site income, while delivering the ease of use and reporting you need.


We have the customer psychology and gamification expertise you need to succeed with your membership site.

Using the best-in-class plugins for rewards, badges, drip-content and up-sells, we create a fun and motivational experience for your community members.

Social Networking

When the focus of your membership site is community, you need an expert in BuddyPress and bbPress to integrate these features.

Forums, groups, profiles, photos, video, messaging and chat can all be combined with the power of Marketing Automation and your CRM.


Our Happy Clients

I’m a tough cookie to please…and they covered me all the way to very end. If you decide to enlist help I would highly recommend hopping on the phone with Spence and having a chat! Jason Broderick

The Hustle Community

For two years I have been trying to get a re-design and have failed. It has been a major stressor of mine. I am also excited about maximizing revenue streams. That is the fun part! David Burns

Baseball Jobs Overseas

You are amazing!
I’m gonna recommend you to people I know. Thanks a bunch.
Ma Manorama

Sanskrit Studies

Spence and Luke really know their stuff. I’ve been impressed with them every time. Spence’s marketing savvy and Luke’s technical wizardry make these two a highly capable duo. Jack Arturo


With Spencer behind the wheel, we have full confidence that solutions to any issues we face, large or small, are just a quick response away. There is no one I’d recommend more highly. Ezra Vancil

Arclight Fabrication

Capabilities – A
Reliability – A+
We have tried several firms over the years and still stick with Spencer.  Why? Because he delivers for us. Heidi Allison

All Things Cruise

I’m not fond to write about myself, but I can see how important it is to share and encourage others. Believe in yourself, have a plan, and listen to Spence! His lessons and advice are invaluable! Sharon Yates

Creative Mouse Studio

Investing allowed me to get up and running months sooner than on my own. I was also able to use the time I saved by not fiddling to concentrate on other areas of my business. Nathalie Wagner

The Balanced Creative

In my opinion, it is an imperative if you want to attract quality clients. They made me look like a rockstar. Their prices are at a tremendous value–worth every penny–I have found my IT home! Kathryn Goettsch

Pro Book USA

Spencer and his team answered all my questions. He was literally available 24-7. And his instructions were very simple. I would never have been able to create this website without their help. Shannan Layette

Bookkeeping It Simple

I decided to bite the bullet even though I had no idea when it might actually make a dime. I’m SO glad I did! Luke & Spencer answered all my questions & helped me with whatever I needed! Kathy Woodard

Bookkeeping In Focus

It didn’t matter what day or time I sent requests, I always received a quick response from Spence. It’s a good feeling to know I have a team that is ready to help me as my business grows. Gigi Solomon

KHair Bookkeeping

Why We Are Different

Most WordPress consultants approach your problem from a design or technical perspective, neither of which will make your site more profitable.

We Only Create Modular Solutions

Where every membership component can be swapped out for a new or different component at any time, without any custom coding.

We Are Experts in WordPress, Marketing Automation & Business

With over forty years of entrepreneurial experience creating solutions for clients that required such diverse skills.

Why should you have three separate people and manage them all when we provide you the best of all worlds?

We Work Backwards From Your Best Business Solution

We ensure that you convert more prospects into paying members.

Our fundamental goal is your profitability, instead of wasting your time with fancy design flourishes or complicated tools that you don’t understand.

Our solutions are simple, direct, and easy enough for you to understand from day one…so that you’ll actually use them to your advantage. 

We Make It Easy

Most of our clients start with a Launch Package.

This is our proven method for delivering expert advice and hands on help for launching your WordPress Membership Site.

If you have special needs that go beyond our Launch Package, we will provide you a Custom Project quotation that brings clarity to your vision quickly and efficiently.

Most of our clients Retain Our Expertise after their site is launched, in order to save time, money and frustration while optimizing their site for improved profitability.

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