Group & Team Products

Gives You The Ability To Sell To Teams, Companies & Groups Instead Of Individuals

WordPress allows one own to handle all the biling to share site content with any members they invite.

This is great for selling corporate training accounts, family memberships, team site access, and more!

Team access can be sold with per-member or per-team prices. Set an optional minimum and maximum seat count for the team, and you’re ready to start selling to groups!

Once a team has been purchased, the owner can add new members to the team right from the account area on your site by sharing a public “join” link, or sending email invites.

The best part is the entire team is tied to one billing record, so if the owner stops paying or gets a refund, the entire set of team memberships is cancelled.

It's Easy To Save & Send Your Custom Stack!

(so you don't lose your results)