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Sponsorship & Marketing Solutions For
WordPress Product & Service Companies

The Problem:

WordPress powers more than 43% of all Internet websites, but provides no unified program or marketplace for companies to achieve brand awareness, strategic partnerships & highly-targeted sponsorships that relate to their particular offering.

The LaunchKit Solution:

We have used our sixteen years of WordPress marketing and product experience to create a ready to use onboarding solution for anyone interested in using WordPress as a platform for their business.

LaunchKit is a ready-to-use site solution, available as a free two hour demo or a one time purchase to own. It provides an immediate “win” for business owners seeking products and services from one or more of the Four Verticals of the WordPress Marketplace:

1) eCommerce – WooCommerce, Sales Funnels and related plugins
2) Marketing Automation – Internal and connected CRMs and related plugins
3) Membership – One time and recurring access to protected content, media, events and services
4) Online Learning – Digital courses, coaching, certification and more

The Offer:

As a LaunchKit pro client, your product or service will be “featured” within LaunchKit for the time frame of your engagement via:

1) Integration & Delivery – Of your software or service into all downloaded LaunchKit site solutions
2) Custom Video Content (Youtube) – That features your product or service in the most favorable light
3) Custom Blog Content – That provides SEO-friendly content demonstrating use cases & popular features
4) Custom Documentation – That features your product or service as an available integration with LaunchKit
5) Partnership Promotion – That includes your brand in related partner promotional offers & live/online events

The Deliverables:

1) Ready To Use Site Solutions

We provide an immediate win for your company by strategically demonstrating your product or service into full featured LaunchKit solutions that can be launched by prospective customers with one click.

Our solution sites provide prospective customers with immediate and satisfying clarity of vision as to how your product or service will solve their problems in the context of the four verticals.

2) Global Distribution

Our custom LaunchKit solution sites are available to a global network of hosting partners with millions of prospective customers for your product.

In a typical situation, after a prospective customer has been presented with a curated product demonstration, they may elect to “own” this solution with one click by purchasing the same via a hosting partner.

We manage all of these distribution relationships on your behalf, including negotiating most favorable terms for licensing, support and ongoing cross-promotion.

3) Brand Ambassadorship & Product Evangelism

Our team, led by Spencer Forman, have over sixteen years providing marketing advice, promotion and evangelism to the WordPress marketplace.

We have had the pleasure of representing and advising some of the most beloved brands in WordPress and helped many new brands to achieve awareness and a new base of customers more quickly than they would have on their own.

We can provide the immediate recognition your product or service needs to succeed in the sometimes finicky ecosystem of WordPress where it can otherwise be hard to understand or predict the response of this somewhat particular customer base.

4) Content Marketing & Product Promotion

As professional marketers, promoters and content creators, we provide you a turnkey stream of relevant content for your products and services. These include product demonstration videos, promotional audio and video, voice overs, animations, live events, sales funnels and more.

We eliminate the need for you to hire a separate agency or team to create the content you need for successfully marketing and promoting your product or service.

Since this content is also created as part of our other work on your behalf, you are guaranteed a perfect “fit” with the messaging, target market, and tone of the content and promotion.

5) Prospect & Lead Metrics With Follow-up Marketing

Our systems have integrated tracking for us to provide you with the detailed metrics and customer lead information you need to move interested parties forward to a successful sale.

We eliminate the pain and wasted resources you would otherwise have to endure in order to achieve what we’ve successfully created and tested for so many others.

With our system and services, you can follow any potential customer along the full journey from cold lead through paying customer, with the ability to see where adjustments need to be made to improve the process. Best of all, we analyze and report all of this information to you and your team in a way that is actionable and includes our advice on next steps to improve your results.

6) New Customer Acquisition

Our systems include mechanisms for including new leads via the strategic partner relationships, promotions, content and more. We can also manage customized sales, redemption and coupon transactions for Black Friday sales, AppSumo deals and more.

By bundling related products into our strategies, and making it easy for customers to understand how all the parts work together, your company is shown in a most favorable light to a much larger audience of prospective customers than you would otherwise.

This means that you achieve a greater ROI on any budget spent with LaunchKit than you would by way of creating your own marketing and promotion campaign.

Concierge Pricing:

We operate on a relationship-basis with our clients. As such, we have plans that fit any reasonable budget, whether for a one-time engagement or an ongoing retainer

To learn more about your company, products & services, and how we can help you, please email us at or schedule a free zoom call with Spence via