The LaunchKit Platform – Special Offer


Thanks for saying “YES” to learning more about my offer.

I’ve been talking about this idea for several years now, but the universe has “finally” aligned and is screaming “it’s time!”

Every week I speak with Creators on private zoom calls, podcasts, videos and live webinars. (see here).

For the last six months, most everyone has asked me “Spence, can you just give me all the stuff I need, ready to use, and provide the help I need to avoid being frustrated or stuck?”

The answer is “YES”…and I’m calling it the LaunchKit Platform

Everything a Creator needs, curated and hosted in one platform, with nothing else to buy.

It’s just like a regular SaaS, but made with Love & WordPress under the hood, so you have full ownership and control over your Creator business or those of your clients.

Instead of buying dozens of random plugins or struggling to figure everything out yourself… all of the premium software, automatic updates and expert personal support are curated into the LaunchKit Platform for just $97/mo or $997/yr.

There are no contracts, obligations or long term commitments…we even provide the built-in tools for you to migrate anything you have created to your own hosting. It’s Easy!

Because we use open source software from WordPress, you own and control everything you create and can share it, sell it, or even partner with us to manage your own white label solution (you can’t do THAT with a SaaS solution!)

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LaunchKit Platform – The optimized hosting, premium software, automated updates, curated solutions and expert email support anyone needs to succeed… ready to use.

LaunchClub – The creative ideas, community, weekly Office Hours and a huge library of ready to use Templates and step-by-step workshops.

So Spence…what’s your SPECIAL OFFER today?

I want you to try the LaunchKit Platform for one month… just $97!

If you don’t LOVE it, I will give you a FULL REFUND in the first month… no questions asked.

By joining me now, you will become a “founding member” and be locked-in to this low price for as long as you stay on the platform (I had originally planned to offer this at $297)

Please click below to join me today and try the LaunchKit Platform as a “founding member”

If you have any questions, please reply and I’ll respond back asap…I’m rushing back now to get things set up for the launch!

I’m super excited for what we are about to do together ;-)