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Payment Gateways

LaunchKit Sites comes with two gateways for completing live transactions, Stripe & Paypal.

You may also use any gateway that work with WooCommerce

Stripe Gateway

  1. Navigate to WooCommerce / Settings / Payments and then click on the “Manage” button for the Stripe Gatway

2. Click the settings tab on the top of the scree and then click the “Edit account keys” button as shown below


3. Click the link for “Stripe Account” in the top blue bar to open your Stripe Account to get your own Test Keys and Webhook. Copy those to the fields shown below. *Note – If you need more detailed instruction, please follow these instructions


4. Get your own Live Keys and Webhook from your Stripe account and past them into the Live fields as shown below.


5. Click the “Test connection” link in the lower left corner of the modal window to ensure you have setup properly

6. Stripe provides handy Test Card Numbers for completing transactions while in Test Mode


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