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Instant Registration

The first and most important step in maximizing your ability to offer a custom journey to all visitors to your site, is to register and log-in every visitor as a WordPress “user”.

This enables you to automatically add each visitor as a “contact” in the Fluent CRM for follow-up automation purposes.

Because they are logged-in, their every action on the site can be tracked and memorialized with a variety of methods

1) CRM Tags – for anything they view, click, purchase or complete

2) CRM Custom Fields – for any information they fill-in via a form or checkout or lesson

3) WooCommerce Purchases – of any product

4) Logged In State – to differentiate public views versus registered user views

There is no downside to registering and logging-in every user at the earliest opportunity, since the FluentCRM is already a plugin on the site and is going to track them either way as only a contact or as a user & contact.

By creating a logged-in user, however, you can more readily track the visitor’s journey and control their on-site experience far more than if they were logged-out and merely a contact.

To register a visitor to the site, one merely needs to use our pre-configured automation available on the home page (Home Page – Instant Registration).


The front page offer is a link to a page we setup at /wplk-registration containing a special shortcode [wplk-registration] that outputs the instant registration form. See the images below for setup and public views.

wplk-registration shortcode – may be used on any page or post

Instant Registration Page (public view) @ /wplk-registration/

LaunchKit also provides two relevant Registration Options:

1) Use email for the username of any visitor when registering – *recommended.

2) Use first and last names (in addition to email) for registering – will add these to contact in FluentCRM as well.

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