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Product Setup

1. Navigate to Products tab in admin dashboard to modify WPLK1 Product


2. Click on the title for “WPLK1 Product (subscription)”

3. Change the Product Title from “WPLK1 Product (subscription)” to whatever you prefer


4. Change the Product Image by clicking on the existing product image for “LaunchKit WPLK1”


5. Click on the tab in the upper left corner to “Upload files”


6. Either drag your product image to this screen or click “Select Files” to choose a new product image file from your computer.

7. Click on the “Set product image” button in lower right corner


8. Change the Product data / General / Regular price of the subscription product from “$10” to whatever you wish


9. Click on the “Update” button in upper right corner to save your changes


10. Navigate to Products tab in admin dashboard to modify WPLK2 and WPLK3 Products


11. Repeat the same steps from 9(a) to 9(e) above for each of these products

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