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Pages Setup

1. Navigate to Pages tab in admin dashboard to modify the home page

2. Click on the “Home” page from the list of All Pages to open Gutenberg Editor


3. Click on the title “Welcome To LaunchKit” and change to whatever you wish


4. Click on the “Lorem Ipsum” paragraph below the “Welcome To LaunchKit” and change to whatever you wish

5. Click on the LaunchKit Image and then click on “Replace” in the Gutenberg Editor toolbar that appears to the left


6. Either click on an existing image or click on the tab in the upper left corner to “Upload files”


7. Either drag your product image to this screen or click “Select” to choose a new product image file from your computer

8. Click on the “Set product image” button in lower right corner


10. Click on the “Update” button in upper right corner to save your changes


11. Repeat the same steps for each of the other elements on the home page layout

*Note – you may redesign the entire home page with anything layout or components you wish. This is just an example and inspiration for how to conditionally show offers

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