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Automation Setup

  1. Navigate to FluentCRM / Settings
  2. Replace Business Name, Business Full Address with your own

3. Click on “+ Upload” button to add your own Logo from Media Library or use “Upload files” tab to add a new Logo.


4. Choose Size:Thumbnail and then click the button “Insert into post”


5. Click “Save Settings” button in upper right corner


6. Navigate to FluentCRM / Settings / Email Settings and change the “From Name” and “From Email Address” to your own

7. Click “Save Settings” button in upper right corner


8. Navigate To FluentCRM / Automations


9. Click on “Instant Registration To Site” Automation, click on the green funnel action titled “offer wplk1 (newsletter subscription)”


10. Change the Internal Label , Internal Description, Email Subject and Email Body to match your own needs for an automation that follows someone registers to your site for free using the Instant Registration option. When finished, click theSee below.


11. Click Save Settings in the lower left corner of the screen.


12. Navigate Back To FluentCRM / Automations

13. Repeat the same steps 9 through 11 for the other three Automations as you just did for Automation 1

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