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Personalize Products

LaunchKit sites come with three membership-type products, configured and ready to use. Each product has a sales funnel sequence keyed to the ID of either wplk1, wplk2 or wplk3

For example:
Product with category: wplk1 => Checkout Page => Redirects to Thank You page URL: /wplk1 =>Applies CRM Tag: wplk1

WPLK1 Product Setup Page – Note Product categories choice of only wplk1 and applying tag when viewed of “viewed wplk1

*Note – You may change the product titles, pricing, descriptions, imagery and thank you page content, but do not modify the preselected Product categories choice (ie: wplk1) or the redirection will not function.

Notice above that we have also created a tag called “viewed wplk1” that is applied to any logged-in user who views the single product page for wplk1. The existence of this tag is useful to an automation where we want to know if the product has previously been seen.

Automatic Redirection By Category

As mentioned above, LaunchKit has an automatic redirection configured for each of the three matching Product categories (wplk1, wplk2, wplk3).

The buyer of any product will be redirected to the matching page URL for that category name.

For example: A product with the Product categories choice of “wplk1” will redirect a buyer to a page with the url of “/wplk1” after checkout. This page is typically setup as a Thank You message and includes instructions on what to do next, upsell offers, or other relevant information. See image below.


*Note – you must only select one of these special Product categories choices per product for the redirection to work.

Product WPLK1 – Subscription

Product WPLK1 is unique because it is a subscription product, using the Subscriptions For WooCommerce plugin.

Product 1 (wplk1) is setup as a subscription by selecting the Subscription Checkbox in Product data
Product 1 (wplk1) subscription product terms are setup in the Subscription Settings tab

Product WPLK1 – Subscription Auto Tag Removal

The LaunchKit plugin adds a special capability to automatically remove the CRM tag of “wplk1” and add a new CRM tag of “cancelled” when the subscription is cancelled. The new tag of “cancelled” may be used to trigger an automation email or otherwise control access to content on any page or post.

When the user cancels a wplk1 product subscription, the tag and redirection process will be triggered

The user will then be redirected to preconfigured page with the URL of /cancelled-wplk1/. This page is where you can add useful information for the user, additional offers or other relevant information.

After cancellation, user will be redirected to cancelled-wplk1 page where you can deliver a custom message

Notice that on this /cancelled-wplk1 page setup, WP Fusion is used to apply the tag of “cancelled” when user views the page and that the page is otherwise hidden from search or indexing so it will only be seen as a result of redirection.

*Note – only a product with the CRM tag of wplk1 has the automatic tag-removal option.

Products WPLK2 & WPLK3

These are both simple products and have similar redirection mapping as the subscription product but do not have any automatic cancellation redirection because they are owned when purchased and cannot be cancelled.

WPLK2 Product Sales Funnel
WPLK3 Product Sales Funnel

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