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Product Setup

In addition to the Instant Registration feature, LaunchKit provides you with three products, configured as example sales funnels with automation.


1) WPLK1 – This is an example subscription product, to gain access to a paid newsletter / posts ($10/month)

2) WPLK2 – This is an example simple product called a “tripwire”, priced for a sample of a paid course ($7 one time)

3) WPLK3 – This is an example simple product that provides full access to a paid course ($97 one time)

We’ve made it easy for you to simply go in and change the title, the featured image, the price and the product description in order to achieve instant results.

All the sales funnel categories, URL structures, tags and automations are setup based on the product names (wplk1, wplk2, wplk3) so that everything “works” out of the box, ready for your changes.

Conditional Section Blocks (Based On Tags)

Similarly, the home page of LaunchKit has an example of using CRM tags to conditionally show or hide product offers based on whether the user has already acquired the same.

If a user (even the admin) has acquired one of the home page offers, that offer will be hidden from view as a result of using the Fluent CRM Conditional Section Block in the Gutenberg editor. See below:

Conditional Section Block showing only “if” contact does not have Main List tag already


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