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Migrate To Your Host

Anytime during your LaunchKit Free Demo, you can migrate the Site to your own hosting to save what you’ve created. We’ve included the free Prime Mover plugin as a fast and simple tool for accomplishing the same.

Generate The LaunchKit Package (Site File)

In order to install LaunchKit, you will need a WordPress site on your own host server. Please be sure that this has the latest version of WordPress and at least PHP 7.0 installed.

Navigate to the Prime Mover tab of the admin dashboard and click the blue button for “Go to Migration Tools


Click on the blue “Export” button


Select the option to “Export database, media files, plugins and themes” and also the “Export to single-site format” and then click the “Export Now” button as shown below.


You will see the progress while the Prime Mover creates the LaunchKit Package (Site File).


In a few moments you will be notified that the Package is ready for download. Click the “Download Package” button as shown.


Download The LaunchKit Package (Site File)

After downloading, you will have a file ending in “.wprime” that looks something like this: launchkitxxxxxx.wprime


Install The LaunchKit Package

The first step is to open the WordPress site where you would like to migrate your LaunchKit package.

The next step is to install the free Prime Mover plugin to that WordPress site.

After you have installed and activated this plugin, navigate again to the Prime Mover tab in the admin dashboard where you will see the Prime Mover dashboard screen (as shown below):


Click the top button that says “Go To Migration Tools” and you will be taken to the Migration Tools Screen (as shown below)


Click on the second button that says “RESTORE” in order to upload the .wprime package you previously downloaded


After choosing the .wprime package file, you will be presented with an estimate of the time required to upload the package to your server. With a modern WordPress host, depending on your connection speed, this should just be a matter of a few minutes.


If you agree with the notification details, click the blue button that says “Yes” to begin the import process.
You will see a “Processing” message and bar indicating the import progress (as shown below).


After the import has completed, you will see a successful migration message similar to the one shown below.


*Important – In order to ensure functionality of all migrated content and links, be sure to click the first link in the message that says “Re-save permalinks”. This will take you to the Settings / Permalinks menu of WordPress where you can adjust the permalink structure as shown below.


*Important – Be sure to click the button at the bottom that says “Save Changes”. You should then see a confirmation message that your permalink structure has been updated.

Congratulations! Your new LaunchKit site is ready for configuration to your specific business idea.

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