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Add Your Own Content

LaunchKit Sites include an example course from the featured LMS (Learning Management System) of the month.

There are many capable LMS plugins in WordPress, and you may use any one you wish.

Our purpose is not to select one for you but to show you how you can provide free or paid content in a universal way, regardless of which LMS you use.

In LaunchKit Sites, we have created one course for the wplk2 (tripwire) product that is intended to be a “sample” of the larger paid course available if someone purchases the wplk3 (full course) product.

In order to achieve a simple and universal method for delivering access, we have used the CRM tag method, whereby the courses themselves are otherwise free and open enrollment, but the ability to access the necessary enrollment button and course content is protected by conditional blocks that require a contact to have purchased certain tags.

For example, with the wplk2 (tripwire) product, one would acquire the tag of wplk2 upon completion of checkout.

This CRM tag of wplk2 is used in the sample tripwire course page (via a Conditional Section) block to protect the enrollment button and lessons.

wplk2 (tripwire) course setup with conditional section that only to someone who has the CRM tag wplk2
wplk2 (tripwire) course setup showing the conditional section that displays if someone does NOT have CRM tag wplk2

*Note- the tripwire course itself is set to “Free – Anyone Can Enroll” so that enrollment can be done by anyone who is able to view the enrollment button (after they purchase access to the conditional block containing the same)

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