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Personalize Automations

LaunchKit sites come with preconfigured automations sequences within the admin menu for FluentCRM / Automations.

These automations may be used to send follow-up emails and more to users who register or purchase products.

Four Automations Included In LaunchKit Sites

Using the free version of Fluent CRM the sequences are all triggered when a user registers on the site and is added to the CRM list called “Main List”.

Instant Registration Automation
Instant Registration Automation Email

From there, each of the four sequences waits for an event to happen (called a “benchmark”) before proceeding with any additional actions.

In the default configuration, each automation has a benchmark corresponding to the product tag previously applied to the user.

For example: when the CRM tag of wplk1 is applied to a user after subscribing to the wplk1 product, this application of this tag is the benchmark that allows the next action to occur, which is an email sent to that contact. See image below

wplk1 automation benchmark

You may experiment and modify the provided automations and email templates in any way you wish, or add new ones of your own, keeping in mind that the examples we have provided are based on using specific tags as the benchmarks.

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