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Automation Setup

In a modern WordPress solution, one should track and tag the behavior of every visitor in order to create a custom “journey” through your product offerings.

On LaunchKit, this has already been done for you with FluentCRM using some basic automations.

An automation is a series of events that start with what is known as a “trigger”. In order to keep things simple, we use the free version of FluentCRM with a single trigger: When a user registers (either with instant registration or from purchasing any product).


After an automation has been triggered, you have several “actions” that can be applied. In order to continue with the simplicity, we’ve provided the most basic follow-up, which would typically be a short delay and then a custom email that has conditional messaging.

For example: After one registers on the site, we may wait one day and then send an automated email that provides a special offer to become a paid subscriber to the $10/mo newsletter offered by the WPLK1 Subscription Product.

Automation triggered on signup that sends an email offer to purchase newsletter after 1 day

Similarly, the other three automations are all triggered and a contact is applied to them upon registration, but the other actions can be conditionally applied depending on whether certain “benchmarks” (goals) have been achieved.

Please refer to the FluentCRM / Automations tab of your LaunchKit to view and modify the included automations, including the emails and other follow-up actions.


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