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Quick Start Guide

Our LaunchKit plugin provides the “secret sauce” for launching an automated membership site for free with WooCommerce.

The best way to explore all of the features and benefits is to launch a LaunchKit site demo (for two hours or to own).

Click here to explore our LaunchKit Site documentation

= Features =

  • Change Checkout Button Text
  • Change Checkout Layout Into One Column
  • Display Checkout Even When No Products In Cart
  • Redirect To Checkout After Adding Any Product To Cart
  • Hide “View Cart” Notice After Products Added To Cart
  • Allow Only One Product In Checkout At A Time
  • Add Removal Link To Any Products In Checkout
  • Use Email For Username With User Registration
  • Use First & Last Names With User Registration
  • Instantly Register, Log-In & Redirect New User From Any Page with [wplk-registration] shortcode
  • Disable Kadence Theme Checkout Field Colors
  • Add A Global Thank You Page To WooCommerce

= Custom Functions =

  • Name Your Price By Adding &donation=xxxx to any url (where xxxx is donation amount)
  • Empty WooCommerce Cart By Adding ?emptycart=yes to any url
  • Remove Any Product From Cart By Adding ?remove-from-cart=xxxx to any url (where xxxx is product id)
  • Add WooCommerce Coupon Code By Adding ?wplkcoupon=xxxx to any url (where xxxx is coupon code)
  • Add A Quick “Bundle” Of Multiple Products By Separating Each ID With A Comma ?add-to-cart=123,456
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