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Enable Custom Tag & Redirection For WPLK1 Cancellation

The LaunchKit plugin provides the ability to automatically remove the wplk1 tag from any buyer who cancels their subscription when using the Subscriptions For WooCommerce plugin.

*Only use the wplk1 product and tag for subscriptions if you want to be able to automatically cancel

After cancellation, the buyer will be automatically redirected to the URL of “cancelled-wplk1“.

If you are using the LaunchKit “instant” site option, the necessary components will already be configured and ready to use.

If not, please setup the following exactly as outlined below:

1) Enable the LaunchKit global option to Enable Custom Tag & Redirection For WPLK1 Cancellation


2) Be sure that your WPLK1 product is configured as the subscription product. The wplk1 tag applied on the /wplk1 page will be removed when the WPLK1 product is cancelled.

3) Create a tag in FluentCRM under Contacts/Tags tab and name it exactly “cancelled


3) Create a page with the permalink of exactly “cancelled-wplk1“. This is the page where buyer will be directed upon cancellation.

4) You can setup the page to display additional offers, inform the buyer of the subscription cancellation, or trigger follow-up automation. See our documentation for email automations with FluentCRM for more information.

5) Optional: If you want to create a follow-up automation with the cancelled-wplk1 tag, be sure that the WP Fusion meta box is configured to require users to be logged-in to view the page and to apply the tag of “cancelled” when this page is visited. Be sure that you also enable the options to hide the cancellation page from search and search engines as shown below:

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