Case Studies

The DIamond Approach

The Ridhwan School is a non-profit online school that teaches a contemporary spiritual path called the Diamond Approach. They were struggling with the burden of an outdated membership system, vendor lock-in and analysis paralysis. Their previous system had a slew of manual processes that hindered their growth and innovation. We were contracted to architect an entirely new and streamlined stack of software that would grow with the complexities of their school expansion. They were also in need of help with training their staff on the new software.

After our assistance, they were able to move to a new system based on WordPress with modern marketing automation in place. We trained all team members, while consulting with key stakeholders, to ensure that all problems were resolved as they occurred. The result is a modern system incorporating LMS, eCommerce, email marketing and business process automation. They continue to maintain a retainer relationship with us to this day.

SaveTheFrogs is a non profit site dedicated to the preservation of frog species around the globe, especially in the Amazon basin. The site owner was struggling with the problems of taking donations from non-technical contributors. We were instrumental in creating a multi-gateway (paypal and credit card) donation system for his non-profit. Our solution also simplified his content management by providing a simple way for his team to manage editorial content on his website without causing problems for the front-end layout.

After our assistance, they were able to see an immediate and dramatic increase in donations (in fact it was reported they had their largest month ever immediately after launching the new system). More importantly, they are able to continually keep their donors and the public aware of how their donations are directly impacting the global efforts to save and improve environmental conditions for frog communities around the world.

Charlemagne Institute is one of America’s oldest and well known publishing firms. They approached us with the problem of how to migrate 42 years of content to a WordPress site, across multiple domains, with membership access control. We architected a multi-site solution that enables any member to sign up on the primary domain, and then be able to access content specific to any of the individual magazine archives on the sub-sites. New members are also able to purchase a recurring subscription that controls their access to any of the magazines they wish to read.

After our assistance, they were able to remove themselves from a private contractor and a tremendously expensive subscription service in favor of their own solution that is now 100% owned and controlled by themselves. This now forms the basis for going forward for the next 42 or more years creating content that is automatically archived and distributed to their loyal readers. They will no longer be locked-in to any proprietary system or agency.

The Lifeline Center is an integrative therapeutic system developed by Dr. Darren Weissman that transforms human behavior and biology. They were challenged by an outdated membership system that was previously coded by an individual developer, and as such, was preventing them from using any of the modern features or capabilities of WordPress. We were able to migrate their system to a modern “stack” that includes the Block Editor, WooCommerce, Subscription Access, Sales Funnels and a custom content editor on the back end that streamlines the creation of new sales pages and webinar content.

After our assistance, they were able to improve the number of conversions to their free webinars, turning these prospects into paying clients with recurring subscriptions. We also were able to reduce the time spent by their staff by more than 50% from elimination of all the manual sale pages and manual conversion of outside transaction methods to an internal transactional system.

InsuranceAUM is committed to a mission of education through the distribution of thought leadership and research. They suffered from an inability to measure, track and report upon the articles specifically consumed by their site visitors. We created a custom member tracking and tagging system for measuring and reporting upon the behavior and site behavior specific individuals. This data was then compiled by their CRM into a weekly and monthly executive summary that is delivered to their paying customers, the authors of the articles.

After our assistance, they were able to deliver the type of executive level data and reporting required by their paying customers to justify ongoing subscription to their service. This improved their retention rate, lowered churn, and increased overall customer satisfaction, while reducing the amount of manual labor required by their staff each month for compiling reports.