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Early Days

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The origins of WPLaunchify start back in 2006 when Spencer Forman created LabSecrets to help other entrepreneurs launch their Social Network and Ecommerce sites on WordPress.

In those days the software and marketing automation services available were rudimentary at best.

As a result, a large amount of the information, training and support provided was focused on creating raw components or sharing clever strategies for making the most of the limited tools available.

Over the next eight years, LabSecrets evolved into 1WD.tv, a members-only community for Freelance Web Designers using WordPress.

Through 1WD.tv, and the thousands of paid subscribers and customers, Spence and Luke Stacey were able to see how WordPress was evolving into more than just an open-source community. 

It was becoming a true platform for creating and distributing modular software components that could be assembeld into powerful solutions for just about any business use case.



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By 2014, the WordPress Page Builders and other ready-to-use plugins had eliminated the need to train anyone how to code or design from scratch. 

Instead, WordPress professionals and business owners needed help to understand which combination of software and services needed to be connected together in a particular way for any use case. With so many available choices, the struggle was real!

It is here that the WPLaunchify story begins.

WPLaunchify provides a proven step by step process for anyone to easily discover which software and services should be used for their online website solution. 

We also provide the type of personalized service required to architect and plan your project or solution following a proven interview process.

One may also see and experience a live demonstration of their personal solution via a hand-crafted functioning website model, in order to further understand and refine the final result.

And Finally, WPLaunchify provides expert consultative services to execute the final project, hands-on training, mentorship, or specialized services for the parts that would otherwise require years of expert training. 

WordPress is the most powerful platform today for building your online business solution.

—Spence —

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