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Membership Webinar Series

Learn How To Create A Modern WordPress Membership Site In 2021 And Beyond!

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Session Three

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This three part webinar series is designed for WordPress site owners and professional implementers who are seeking to learn the most up to date and modern way to launch a successful wordpress membership site for themselves or their clients.

Even if you’ve been building membership websites for some time, we GUARANTEE you will learn something new in this series that will save you time or money, and most certainly will improve the bottom line results for your membership site.

Spence has fifteen years of building and teaching more than 30,000 clients and students how to succeed with building a WordPress membership site.

He is also an expert WordPress consultant, author and advisor to most of the relevant WordPress plugin authors regarding WordPress Membership Site plugins, Marketing Automation, Ecommerce, Sales Funnels, Social Networking, and Learning Management. He is the author of the popular LaunchFlows plugin, a direct advisor and personal consultant for the WPFusion plugin, and a regular guest and co-host on the WPTonic show.

Session One - Identify Your Stack

Friday April 9, 2021 @ 12:30pm CDT (UTC -5)


In this session we will explain what a modern WordPress software “Stack” looks like, and why it is imperative for anyone building a membership site to choose the proper components to achieve their goal.

In today’s world of No-Code/No-Design, the solution you seek already exists. It’s only a matter of understanding which components to use and why to use them. Using the simple steps below, one can avoid the problem of “shiny ball syndrome” (where there seem to be too many choices) or “Frankenstein monster syndrome” (where one combines things that shouldn’t go together).

  • Do a FREE Software Analysis at WPLaunchify.com
  • Schedule a FREE Discovery Call to discuss your specific needs
  • Consider a Project Plan to receive expert advise & outline of next steps

Session Two - Configure Your Stack

Friday May 7, 2021 @ 12:30pm CDT (UTC -5)


In this session we will show how all of the typical plugins of modern WordPress software “Stack” work together to manage, protect and sell access to membership content such as documents, videos, events, social networks and more.

With just a few key plugins working together in the proper way, one can enable the powerful features one desires, without the confusion and complication of customizing software or the expense and “lock-in” problem of SaaS platforms. Instead, one can own and control their WordPress membership solution for themselves or their clients.

  • How to properly onboard new prospects using Marketing Automation
  • Using Sales Funnels instead of a Shop to sell memberships
  • Whether and how to use Social Networking Features for your site

Session Three - Launch Your Stack

Friday June 11, 2021 @ 12:30pm CDT (UTC -5)


In this session we will bring it all together with some real-world strategies and examples of profitable membership sites that use the modern WordPress software “Stack”.

We are no longer living in a world where prospects or buyers will tolerate having their time wasted, since an alternative choice is always just a “click” away. As such, you need to modify (and sometimes ignore) traditional marketing advice about using Email to nurture and win-over clients, and instead create a personalized journey through your new membership website using Sales Funnels and Marketing Automation.

  • Drip emails are no longer for nurturing…they are now for notification
  • Your website should feel like a popular health club with a membership desk
  • Personalize the “journey” for every prospect to convert them into buyers

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